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Starter Kit (All 4 Flavours)

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Discover the artistry of chocolate in every sip with our Chocolate Lover's Starter Kit. Expert chocolatier Sarah has curated this exceptional collection, perfect for indulging in a world of flavours. This kit includes four exquisite drinking chocolate blends that redefine your cacao experience.

  1. Orange: Dive into the harmonious fusion of chocolate and orange. The addition of sweet orange oil to our pure cacao blend is pure genius. Every sip is an experience to savour.

  2. Ginger & Turmeric: The perfect blend of pure cacao, turmeric, ginger, and a hint of black pepper. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric and ginger make this blend a nutritious choice.

  3. Mint: Elevate your beverage game with a refreshing and wholesome delight. Expert chocolatier Sarah combines pure cacao powder with organic therapeutic-grade peppermint essential oil. It's perfect for hot summer days and cold winter nights alike.

  4. Classic: Experience the timeless delight of rich, pure cacao in our Classic Drinking Chocolate. Crafted with the same care and quality as our other blends, it's a true chocolate lover's dream.

We blend organic, fair trade, raw cacao powder with high quality organic coconut sugar to find the perfect balance between chocolatey-ness and sweetness, to create a drinking chocolate that everyone loves.

We use the best cacao powder, obtained from premium Criollo cacao beans grown in the Mayan region of southeast Mexico. All our ingredients are organic, ethically sourced, and fair trade.

♥︎ Gluten-free
♥︎ Cane sugar-free
♥︎ Organic
♥︎ Vegan

    The Chocolate Lover's Starter Kit isn't just a kit; it's an invitation to embark on a journey through the world of premium chocolate. Whether you're treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, this kit promises moments of indulgence, warmth, and refreshment throughout the year.

    Order your Chocolate Lover's Starter Kit today and experience the pinnacle of drinking chocolate bliss. A world of flavours awaits you.

    Know your drink better...

    Pure - Raw cacao powder, and Coconut sugar

    Ginger & Turmeric - Raw cacao powder, coconut sugar, ginger powder, turmeric powder, black pepper

    Orange - Raw cacao powder, essential oil of orange, and coconut sugar

    Mint - Raw cacao powder, essential oil of mint, and coconut sugar

    Step #1: Mix 3 teaspoons of drinking chocolate with a little hot water and stir to combine.

    Step #2: Blend the mix into your choice of milk and stir to combine

    Step #3: Heat to preferred temperature.

    You can drink it cold or hot! Enjoy 🤎

    For those chocolate lovers who want to try the full range 🤎

    You will receive your cacao powder is a resealable airtight pouch. Our pouch closes and opens easily and keeps your blend fresh!

    Place your blend in a dry pantry or cabinet, and use it within 12 months.

    ✨ We'll let our reviews speak for themselves ✨

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Best hot chocolate ever

    I was quite surprised just how nice this hot chocolate is and not full of sugar yet just sweet enough. Absolutely amazing. Whole family thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Carol M.
    Ginger and Tuneric

    I’ve tried the ginger and turmeric and love this flavour will try others

    Bronwyn A.
    Starter Kit

    Fantastic option, love the flavours

    Diane N.


    Chocolate heaven!!

    So glad I purchased your starter pack. Your hot chocolates are so silky smooth without a sickly sugary aftertaste like store-bought powders. Definitely coming back for more. 😻