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Hemp Chocolate Love Bites

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The healthiest chocolate bite you will ever find! Infused with hemp oil and made from certified organic ingredients, Puremelt Love Bites melt in your mouth perfectly!

Rich, chocolatey, healthy, clean, and yummy, these hemp chocolate bites are a great snack or dessert. The addition of hemp oil makes them the perfect snack for anyone looking to increase their omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids intake.

Gift them to a loved one, share with the family, or keep them for yourself as a delicious guilt-free indulgence.

Made by hand with love and integrity using purest and finest ethically sourced ingredients and raw Puremelt Chocolate.

They will last for months in the freezer, weeks in the fridge, and blissful moments in your mouth, for your family and special occasions.

Every Love Bite is made with consciousness and loving care, and sent to you from our little kitchen in Mullumbimby.

Remember to hide the packet once you have eaten one!

Each tube of Love Bites contains 8 cookies (175g), in biodegradable packaging that won't harm the planet.

♥︎ Gluten-free 
Cane sugar-free 

Check out our other Love Bites flavours: Original Chocolate or Hemp Chocolate. 

* For larger quantities, you might like to order our Family Feast or Party bundles.

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    Almonds, coconut sugar, Puremelt chocolate, hemp oil, chia seeds, Celtic salt, baking soda, loads of love

    All chocolate lovers, cookie lovers, vegans, coeliacs, and gourmet cookie lovers looking for a yummy treat that ticks all the boxes! NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS!

    The tube of love bites will last for 3 months in the freezer, weeks in the fridge, and moments in your mouth!

    Delicious and authentic bites of chocolate that taste like love.✨