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Sticky Chai (classic)

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The most rewarding sticky chai tea you could ever taste! Enjoy your fresh chai with a small yet satisfying caffeine boost. 

Our Puremelt sticky chai is the result of combining six rich species with Ceylon tea leaves. It is sweetened with pure coconut nectar so you can enjoy a balanced, rich chai with a unique taste. 

Enjoy this rich drink in the morning and afternoon. 

*For your night drink, you might like to try our caffeine-free Honeybush chai.

♥︎ Gluten-free
♥︎ Cane sugar-free
♥︎ Organic
♥︎ Vegan

Our chai is hand-crafted by Sarah in small batches using organic, clean ingredients and loads of love!

Serving Size: 10g

  • 250g pouch of Sticky Chai contains 25 servings 
  • 1000g pouch of Sticky Chai contains 100 servings (★ Save $25!)
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Ceylon tea, coconut nectar, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anis, cloves, black pepper

Step #1: In a saucepan, place 2 teaspoons (10g) of puremelt sticky chai, into 1/3 cup of hot water and 2/3 cup of desired milk* .

Step #2: Heat while continuously stirring. Simmer on the stovetop for 3 minutes.

Step #3: Strain into a cup using sing a mesh strainer and enjoy!

*Change the water/milk proportions to adjust your chai taste

For Chai lovers who like to enjoy a smooth and sophisticated drink with a small yet satisfying caffeine boost!

You will receive your chai is a resealable airtight pouch. Our pouch closes and opens easily and keeps your chai fresh!

Place your Chai in a dry pantry or cabinet, and use it within 6 months.

Spicy and sweet, well-balanced Chai.