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It's All About Love

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Introducing the ultimate flavour experience bundle!

This bundle includes 1 tube of our irresistible chocolate Love Bites, 1 pouch of our rich and creamy drinking chocolate, and 1 pouch of our aromatic sticky chai.

You get to choose the flavours of each product to create your own unique taste sensation.

Satisfy your cravings for something sweet and delicious with our organic chocolate Love Bites. These premium cookies are packed with rich chocolate flavour that will leave you wanting more. Warm up with a comforting cup of our drinking chocolate, made with premium ingredients for a rich and creamy taste. And for a bold and aromatic experience, savour the rich flavour of our sticky chai. 

Whether treating yourself or gifting to a loved one, this bundle will surely please any palate.

♥︎ Gluten-free 
♥︎ Cane sugar-free  
♥︎ Organic  
♥︎ Vegan

  • Packaged in biodegradable tubes that won't harm the planet.
  • Each package (1 tube) contains 8 cookies (175g)
  • You can customise your bundle and choose the flavours you want! 
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